Rowers Rowing Boat
May 28, 2015

Finding Your Team’s Swing

I recently found this mention about new CEO Satya Nadella of Microsoft on teams. Nadella had suggested in his early memo to employees that he liked a particular book,  The Boys in the Boat on the 1936 U.S. Olympic crew team. He said it was "a great story of how commitment, determination,...

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May 26, 2015

CEOs add HR to their responsibilities…

On top of everything else, CEOs are now the new HR Directors. In a study conducted by Universum, many leaders assign the CEO as primarily talent magnet. CEOs share this responsibility with marketing who help shape the employer brand through communications, social media and customer-facing...

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May 23, 2015

Goldfish have longer attention spans than us. Go figure.

I have written before on this blog about how difficult it is for companies to build a reputation, tell their story or even apologize in a time of crisis when we live in a world of hyper-distraction. Who remembers when they last finished an article...

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May 16, 2015

Would You Vote Your CEO In or Out?

When we asked executives in our study, The CEO Reputation Premium, “If your company had an election for its top leader, and your company’s current top leader was one of the candidates, would you vote to keep your current top leader or would it be time...

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May 11, 2015

CEO Succession — What’s it Worth? year I look forward to what was once Booz's CEO succession research but now under the name Strategy& because they always tackle a different angle of this daunting and tricky transition period. This year, in their 15th edition, they wisely calculated the cost of...

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May 9, 2015

Using LinkedIn for Executive Positioning

I met a woman at a LinkedIn conference yesterday who works on content for positioning executives at Marriott and she told me about how they are using LinkedIn to introduce customers to their executives' conversations. They have a showcase page on LinkedIn called overheard@marriott where...

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May 6, 2015

A new CEO at Cisco, explained

It is big news when a long-standing CEO steps down or sideways as John Chambers of Cisco has. What a long run. He has been CEO of Cisco for 20 years. Although it was a surprise to me, it was carefully calculated and thoughtful from...

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May 4, 2015

Reputation needs to be strong and stronger

One of the findings from our study on the CEO Reputation Premium has to do with the perceived strength of respondents' corporate reputations. Less than 4 in 10 global executives (38%) said that their corporate reputations were "very" strong. The fact that another one in two (48%)...

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May 1, 2015

Reputation damage tops the lists of fears

The Global Risk Management Survey by AON is out for 2015. I always look forward to learning what is keeping 1,400 global risk management professionals up at night. This year, damage to reputation/brand is number one, having moved up from number four one year earlier. The...

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April 30, 2015

CEOs are not all-knowing

Quote from the CEO of Telsa, David Thodey:"Leadership has changed in the world and the days of the all-knowing CEO is just not real, I'm a great advocate of values-based leadership ...

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